Thai junta used Facebook to harvest email addresses

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Thai junta used Facebook to harvest email addresses

Postby Boonsiri » Thu Jun 26, 2014 7:13 pm

As reported by Electronic Frontier, the military are further clamping down on media. Many radio stations have already been taken off the air and all TV-channels are heavily censored, in line with the junta's campaign "Return happiness to the Thai people". That campaign includes free TV coverage of all 2014 World Cup football matches, public concerts by military bands supported by scantily clad ladies in military fatigue. Of course it also includes less funny things: detention for showing any criticism of the last coup, including making the 3 finger salute from the "Hunger Games", wearing a T-shirt with a text like "Respect My Vote" or the despicable acts of eating sandwiches or reading "1984" in public.
As to the Facebook-spoof, it is worth realizing that under the rule of the junta it can get one in jail to just "like" a post deemed 'inappropriate' by the junta
See: ... -addresses .
On a lighter note about the measures by the junta that are supposed to show that this coup is not a coup but an attempt to bring happiness:
John Oliver on the Thai coup: .
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