Govt advises Russian crooks to stay at home

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Govt advises Russian crooks to stay at home

Postby Red Dwarf » Sun Sep 08, 2013 6:41 pm


'Don't Travel Abroad' Russia warns Hackers Sept 8 2013
The Russian government has warned hackers not to set foot outside its borders, as they risk being kidnapped by US authorities and taken to the US to face legal proceedings.

The Russian Foreign Ministry last week advised citizens, especially those suspected of committing crimes by the United States, not to leave Russia for countries with extradition treaties with the US, Wired reports.

"Practice shows that the trials of those who were actually kidnapped and taken to the United States are biased, based on shaky evidence" and are biased against Russians, warns the notice.

It's a fine line between the definitions of "kidnapped" and "extradited"
The rest of this article contains a list of arrests of Russians who have ventured abroad to countries that have extradition treaties with the US.
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