Srizbi botnet becomes Pitou

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Srizbi botnet becomes Pitou

Postby Red Dwarf » Tue Apr 07, 2015 7:09 pm

Ref: Aug 2014
Cybercriminals Attempt to Revive Srizbi Spam Botnet
Srizbi, once considered one of the most powerful botnets, is apparently trying to make a comeback with the aid of a new piece of malware, F-Secure reported.

Researchers first spotted the new threat back in April (although it might have surfaced earlier than that) and, after a close analysis, they determined that it shared many similarities with the old Srizbi spambot. While it has the same general purpose, the new piece of malware has been completely rewritten so F-Secure has decided to give it a different name: Pitou.

What makes this item interesting, is the recent statistical breakdown of spam by botnet over the past month at
    PITOU = 86%
    KELIHOS = 6.4%
    TOFSEE = 1.0%

That represents a sitting duck target for a botnet take-down. Where is the Microsoft Digital Crimes Unit when you need them?
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