GameOver Zeus but it's game on again

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GameOver Zeus but it's game on again

Postby Red Dwarf » Fri Jul 11, 2014 9:41 pm

Three must-read stories covering the resurgence of the so-called "GameOver Zeus" botnet ... us-returns
Malcovery Security wrote:Breaking: GameOver Zeus Mutates, Launches Attacks
Posted by Malcovery Security
Thu, Jul 10, '14
by Brendan Griffin and Gary Warner

Gameover Zeus VariantToday Malcovery’s analysts identified a new trojan based heavily on the GameOver Zeus binary. It was distributed as the attachment to three spam email templates, utilizing the simplest method of infection through which this trojan is deployed. ... tflux.html
Gary Warner wrote:Friday, July 11, 2014
New GameOver Zeus Variant uses FastFlux C&C
Over on the Malcovery Security Blog yesterday we covered a new version of GameOver Zeus (see: GameOver Zeus Mutates, Launches Attack ) that was distributed in three spam campaigns on July 10, 2014. At the bottom of that blog post, we're sharing a detailed "T3 Report" by analysts Brendan Griffin and Wayne Snow that gives all the details. ... us-botnet/
Brian Krebs wrote:Crooks Seek Revival of ‘Gameover Zeus’ Botnet

Cybercrooks today began taking steps to resurrect the Gameover ZeuS botnet, a complex crime machine that has been blamed for the theft more than $100 million from banks, businesses and consumers worldwide. The revival attempt comes roughly five weeks after the FBI joined several nations, researchers and security firms in a global and thus far successful effort to eradicate it.
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