Cyberwarfare unfreezing a new Cold War warns McAfee CSO

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Cyberwarfare unfreezing a new Cold War warns McAfee CSO

Postby spamislame » Wed Jun 15, 2011 10:05 am ... p=4&fpid=5

Ex NATO agent fears Lockheed Martin hack the prelude to a major attack on the West

This guy knows his stuff. Ex-Nato during the cold war, he would know whether fingerprints on a hack like the recent one against Lockheed Martin was a major international incident or not.

Brett Wahlin, a former North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO) counter intelligence agent, told Computerworld Australia that the RSA token hack in March this year – where the token information was used to infiltrate US defence contractor Lockheed Martin – used the same espionage tactics he encountered while serving as an agent from 1987 to 1991 with the US army for NATO.

Although Wahlin did not reveal which country was behind the attack, he suspected that the communist-led governments of China and North Korea had the resources – and the most to gain – from infiltrating Lockheed Martin.

Good read.

These are interesting times, what with the whole Lulzsec break-ins and now this.

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