Symantec Calculates Daily Cybercrime Index

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Symantec Calculates Daily Cybercrime Index

Postby spamislame » Thu Mar 10, 2011 12:38 pm ... index.html

Symantec recently launched a snazzy new sitelet with a daily summary of current online threats. The Norton Cybercrime Index takes into account current malware, identity-theft hacks, fraud and spam to calculate a value that reflects what the threat landscape looks like for the day. It's like a weather report for cyber-crime.

Having an idea of what threats are currently percolating and putting them in context against the entire day can be quite helpful. While waiting for companies to issue updates and patches, online users can avoid scams, and they can do that only if they know about them.

The tool is here -- and be patient, it takes a while to load and has a lengthy - but skip-able - intro:

It looks like a Google Analytics view of online criminal activity. Interesting!

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