AFCU Sets $40 ATM Withdrawal Limit

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AFCU Sets $40 ATM Withdrawal Limit

Postby Moike » Sun Sep 06, 2009 11:20 pm

Some Arizona Federal Credit Union members traveling out of state for the holiday weekend may face an unwelcome surprise: a $40 limit on ATM withdrawals.

If the ATM charges fees, customers can only withdraw $20.

In a phone call with CBS 5 News, a credit union employee said the recently instituted policy came after a Visa security breach.

The employee did not provide details on the security breach.

Credit union President and CEO Ron Westad confirmed that AFCU instituted the $40 credit limit for some of its customers; however, he also said the 2,000 customers affected represent only 1 percent of credit union members.

If customers need cash, Westad recommended customers use their Visa debit cards at businesses that offer "cash back."

Westad also said customers who don't have that option can call the credit union and have the limit increased.
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