400 Gbps DDOS hits Europe

Reports and investigations into Distributed Denial of Service attacks.

400 Gbps DDOS hits Europe

Postby Red Dwarf » Tue Feb 11, 2014 4:48 pm

Until this week the world record for DDOS attacks was against Spamhaus at 350 Gbps in 2013. ( viewtopic.php?f=20&t=4643 ) The Spamhaus attack used SNMP Amplifiction.

Ref: http://www.techweekeurope.co.uk/news/cl ... ope-138731

DDoS weighing in at nearly 400Gbps targets unnamed CloudFlare customer in Europe, as attackers use NTP to amplify attack

The European attack used NTP amplification which involves exploiting the UDP-based Network Timing Protocol.
CloudFlare CEO wrote:Despite its apparent strength, there does not seem to have been any serious downtime as a result of the DDoS, unlike the Spamhaus attacks, which took out a swathe of sites. “There was extra latency in Europe. Overall, network was unaffected,” said Matthew Prince, CEO of CloudFlare.

So it looks like a bit of a damp squib, really. :roll:
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