How Sophisticated Are Targeted Malware Attacks?

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How Sophisticated Are Targeted Malware Attacks?

Postby meep » Fri Apr 01, 2011 9:58 am

This TrendMicro blog update could fit under a number of threads already posted here:

How Sophisticated Are Targeted Malware Attacks?

by Nart Villeneuve (Senior Threat Researcher)

Malware attacks that exploit vulnerabilities in popular software in order to compromise specific target sets are becoming increasingly commonplace. Prior to the highly publicized Aurora attack on Google and at least 20 other companies, targeted malware attacks have been taking place and continue to affect government, military, corporate, educational, and civil society networks. While such attacks against the U.S. government and related networks are well-known, other governments and an increasing number of companies are facing similar threats.

Earlier this year, the Canadian, South Korean, and French governments have all experienced serious security breaches into sensitive networks. Recently, the European Commission and the External Action Service were also compromised. There have also been acknowledged security breaches at security firms RSA and Comodo, which at least in the case of RSA, appear to be the result of targeted malware attacks. ...
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