Stuxnet Malware in the News

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Stuxnet Malware in the News

Postby meep » Sat Jul 24, 2010 8:29 am

I have only heard of the name stuxnet very recently, maybe some here know more :wink: . Since there is so much malware to analyze :roll: so there are many reasons *why* malware researchers specialize.

The main story is about a SCADA Worm attacking various targets such as Iran or Siemens on the Internet as reported by the press.

From the Mandiant blog:

Tuxnet Memory Analysis and IOC creation

The stuxnet malware has been making the press recently for two reasons. First it contains two drivers signed with a legitimate (at the time) cert. Second is it’s targeting SCADA systems. The malware is cool for a host of other geeky reasons. ...
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