Federal Bureau of Investigation Anti-Terrorist And Monitory

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Federal Bureau of Investigation Anti-Terrorist And Monitory

Postby celaeno » Wed Apr 01, 2015 2:52 pm

:prayer: From "Director of the FBI," James Comedy :lol:

Federal Bureau of Investigation Anti-Terrorist And Monitory Crime Division.
Federal Bureau Of Investigation. J.Edgar.Hoover Building Washington Dc
Customers Service Hours / Monday To Saturday

I really thank the Secretary General of United Nations (Mr. Ban k Moon)
for his understanding towards my suggestion on our
late meeting yesterday at FBI head quarters Washington Dc.
The United Nation, United State of America and Economic
Community of west African States (ECO-WAS) has come to a conclusion today
to compensation you with the total sum of $150,000 Thousand Dollars
because of the past money you have lost and your inheritance fund which
was suppose to be given to you since last 7 years ago but no one
is sincere to release this fund to you.
The United Nation, United State of America and Economic
Community of west African States (ECO-WAS) has hand over the monitoring
aspect of this Transaction to me because your fund will be delivered
to you through VALID CHECK by UNION BANK OF NIGERIA which you can
be able to go to any bank of your choice and cash the $150,000 Thousand
dollars without any problem.

I have send an FBI Officer to UNION BANK OF NIGERIA to go
and pick up the CHECK and deliver it to you before Saturday evening
because I have heard a lot of things about the COURIER SERVICE,
and so on,, on how they
fail there promises and demand for more money, so that is why i sent an
FBI official to Nigeria to go and pick it up and deliver it to
you at no cost.
The UNION BANK OF NIGERIA said that you have to pay for Tax
fee of $90 since you are not a citizen of Nigeria and under to there
law, every out going Transaction will pay for there Tax fee of $90.
Please kindly go to the Western Union Money Transfer or
Money Gram and send the $90 which is the only fee you will pay to get this
Here is the information to send the money.

Receiver's Name:OPARA CHIEBUKA
Question: Trust
amount 90
Answer: Trust

Send the money as soon as you receive this mail and get back
to me with the payment information and your address so that the
FBI officer can proceed to your house for the delivery of the CHECK.
Waiting for your response with the MTCN and your address.

Help us fight terrorism off the face of the earth; the power of Good
must prevail over evil. :rolleyes:


(1) Full name and delivery address...........................
(2) Address, city, state and country;.............................
(3) Direct mobile/ phone /fax...............................
(4) International passport or Driven license............................
(5) Company name (if any) position and address..........................
(6) Profession, age and marital status......................................
Note: Do disregard any email you

get from any impostors or anybody claiming to be in possession of your
payment, you are hereby advice only to be in contact with Mr. James

CONTACT EMAIL: jamesbcomedy@gmail.com


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