dey whiteman message

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dey whiteman message

Postby Red Dwarf » Sun Nov 30, 2014 10:14 pm

From: white man <>

Subject: Na poucher software sender dey rain to blast more than 200 million emails without of smtp or php

Illiterate wrote:make we chat on yahoo messanger... freewithme220 ...... midemiddy
repy me here ....

I dey sell emails for worldwide databbase/all arabs/all asia/all usa countinent/midle east and all europe... if u buy emails i blast for u with pouncher software instant delevery inbox ....i give free pouncher software if u buy emails leads

i dey sell alibaba trojan and spyware/citadel/solar/zues/zues mod 2014/betabot/and sypnet wey catch and attack from subject and letter without clicking or download.......

i dey sell lawyers/bankers/deaf/farmers/gold diamond buyers and sellers/foreign beneficiarry/job seekers/women seeking for men and men seeking for men leads/nex of kin/car sellers/property angent/loans emails leads addressess .....

i dey sell rdp/mailer/webmail/multi ams software/pouncher software/domain smtp notepad/ip smtp notepad/Alibaba user and password/yahoo scanpage/gmail scanpage/hotmail scanpage/all webmail scanpage Alibaba scampage and Remax Login....
i dey sell bulk sms number generator and comand key....Bank acount login and cheque sample/credit card top up/all usa/uk.china/uae and europe bank canada and australia.....clear instant cheque and account transfer i build online banking for ghana and nigeria and uk usa and more countries and roaming number with airtime

make we chat on yahoo messanger... freewithme220 ...... midemiddy
repy me here ....

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