EvaPharmacy - Enough is enough

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EvaPharmacy - Enough is enough

Postby spamislame » Sun Nov 25, 2012 2:54 pm

Explanation - this series of posts documents a concerted campaign to remove from the Internet a family of illegal pharmacy operations.

Starting from December 23 2012, requests were sent to registrars to terminate their service contracts with criminals who have unlawful domain names.

Some registrars complied 100%, others failed to respond or act at all.

A summary of registrar compliance is listed at EvaPharmacy Campaign

In the listings, any items shown with an * and colored red represent domains that have been either taken down by the registrar., or expired after one year

Now read on.

(Added Feb 20, 2013)

I want to discuss methods of going after this group.

We have tons of evidence about how they operate, which has gone on virtually unchanged since this forum began, back when they were called bulker.biz and bulkerbiz.com.

They hack into every server they can get their hands on and render them irreparable by removing several key unix commands (restart, passwd, chmod, shutdown, and several others.)

They use these servers essentially "for free" going on for months and months and months.

Nobody does anything.

I have had only mild success in reporting and resetting several servers.

I think if we organize, we can make this the next front-burner target.

Given that they are one of only a small handful of major pharmacy spam operations left, who's with me?

And who's got some interesting ideas for targeting them more specifically?


SiL :silthumb:

EDIT: Best advice for registrars from LegitScript. These are 3 of the most common excuses used by registrars
https://www.legitscript.com/blog/2017/0 ... harmacies/
* Excuse #1: “Sorry, but you need a court order for that.”
* Excuse #2: “We only manage the domain name. The website content is not hosted on our servers.”
* Excuse #3: “The registrant provided us a valid pharmacy license.”
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Re: EvaPharmacy - Enough is enough

Postby Red Dwarf » Tue Oct 21, 2014 4:24 pm

Update March 28, 2017

Most common Eva Pharmacy domains alive today

700 Canadian Health&Care Mall
319 RxExpressOnline
201 My Canadian Pharmacy
192 CanadianPharmacy
134 Canadian Neighbor Pharmacy
90 RxMedications
28 Toronto Drugstore
20 Canadian Family Pharmacy
14 US Drugs
6 Canadian Pharmacy
5 International Legal RX
5 Herbal Store
3 Men's Health
3 Healthy Life
1 Canadian Safe Pharmacy

Most abused registrars, with live domains March 2017

1213 R01-RU
105 R01-REG-FID
101 R01-SU
76 Key-Systems GmbH
5 Gransy s.r.o.
1 Domainerschoice
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Re: EvaPharmacy - Enough is enough

Postby Red Dwarf » Thu Nov 20, 2014 9:10 pm

      Common Checkout across the Eva Pharmacy family

March 28 2017
card-billing.net is registered with instra.com (abuse@instra.com)
Instra Corporation Pty Ltd is a privately owned company based in Melbourne, Australia. card-billing.net is used over an unencrypted link to solicit customer name, address and CREDIT CARD information for the Eva Pharmacy fraud.

[EDIT Dec 16 - domain SAFECHECKOUTRX.COM taken down by Registrar: CJSC REGISTRAR R01]

Looking at the different families of fraud brands under the Eva Pharmacy group, and loading up a shopping cart, then proceeding to checkout, you find a common factor. They all transfer to the same site with variations on the prefix. Here are some examples


Closing down the domain safecheckoutrx.com would be a good move.

Registrant Name: Privacy protection service - whoisproxy.ru.

So sure enough, R01.RU who protects over 3,350 Eva pharmacy fraud domains, also protects the checkout operation. Russia looks after its own.

Brands going through this checkout include
    Men's Health
    US Drugs
    Toronto Drugstore
    Canadian Family Pharmacy
    Canadian Neighbor Pharmacy
    My Canadian Pharmacy
    Canadian Health&Care Mall

The site has an SSL certificate issued by COMODO RSA and the connection uses 128-bit TLS 1.2 encryption issued Nov 19 2014 to *.safecheckoutrx.com with expiry Nov 20 2015.

The Contact Us shows two locations, with pictures of the buildings. One is the Lyric Center, the other is a Virtual Office location:

Main Office
440 Louisiana St,
Houston, TX 77002,

International Orders Department
555 Republic Dr,
Plano, TX 75074,

Those checkout pages are likely to be red-alert listed by MyWOT very soon.
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Re: EvaPharmacy - Enough is enough

Postby Red Dwarf » Fri Nov 28, 2014 1:07 am

It is evident that some of the registrars who have been accepting payment for registered domain names have come to the conclusion that it is not good for business.

A registrar has a reputation to protect. When they act decisively to sever their links with organized crime, they will see their reputation improve.
But those registrars who are slow to act, or refuse to act, will soon see themselves with a bad reputation. They will become associated with the criminals whom they welcome as customers.

Registrars always have some legal clauses in their Terms of Service. Invariably these terms forbid the use of domain names for unlawful purposes. They also permit the registrar to terminate the service contract at their own discretion. They can terminate an account for any reason they deem fit. And certainly, protecting their own reputation and not being seen to be aiding a crime is a good reason to terminate a contract.

As more registrars adopt this attitude and invoke their terms of service, we will see a slow-down and eventual demise of the criminals who abuse their registration services and inflict harm on so many innocent victims.


Michal at LegitScript has provided an interesting article on the top 3 reasons that rogue registrars give for not taking action.
Top 3 Excuses Registrars Use That Help Enable Rogue Pharmacies
* Excuse #1: “Sorry, but you need a court order for that.”
* Excuse #2: “We only manage the domain name. The website content is not hosted on our servers.”
* Excuse #3: “The registrant provided us a valid pharmacy license.”

For each of these excuses, she gives a wonderful explanation showing them to be invalid.
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Re: EvaPharmacy - Enough is enough

Postby Red Dwarf » Tue Oct 27, 2015 4:44 pm

Removal request: healthiestmen.net Oct 27 2015
tld-abuse wrote: To meet your complaint we have taken appropriate measures against healthiestmen.net according to our Registrar's schedule:


Thank you for notification.

Best regards,
Tatiana Agafonova
R01 Registrar (RU-CENTER Group)
Phone: +7 (495) 783-3-783
Fax: +7 (495) 930-88-00

Complaints regarding gTLDs

Any issues which may arise from Registrant’s violations of exclusive rights for the trademark, illegal activities and abuses, as well as spamming from this domain, should be addressed to tld-abuse@r01.ru or phone +7.4957833783.

The appropriate actions for addressing such issues will be shortly adopted. After receiving a complaint, R01 will:

Send a copy of such complaint to Registrant with a request to comment on it within 10 calendar days.
Initialize the procedure of Registrant’s data confirmation.
If Registrant fails to confirm the data within 10 calendar days, the domain will be undelegated. If Registrant confirms the data after the domain is undelegated, the domain will be re-delegated within 2 business days.
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Re: EvaPharmacy - Enough is enough

Postby Red Dwarf » Tue Apr 12, 2016 5:45 pm

Sample template-style request for one fraud domain zxekpaip.ru (Canadian Neighbor Pharmacy)

To: tld-abuse@r01.ru
Dear Registrar

This is a compliance request for you to suspend the illegal domain zxekpaip.ru
It is used for illegal purposes.


Your company is the registrar sponsoring the domain name

Set the status to NOT DELEGATED

Thank you for your efforts to reduce crime and to keep criminals from abusing your terms of service.

Current status at time of request - April 12 2016

Code: Select all
domain:        ZXEKPAIP.RU
nserver:       ns1.zxekpaip.ru.
nserver:       ns2.zxekpaip.ru.
person:        Private Person
registrar:     R01-RU
admin-contact: https://partner.r01.ru/contact_admin.khtml
created:       2015.12.30
paid-till:     2016.12.30
free-date:     2017.01.30

Template reply from R01.RU
R01.RU wrote:Hello,

This is an automatic notification message from R01 Registrar to tell you that your request has been successfully submitted and is being processed. We will respond to you shortly.

Your request number is 2016041320001507.

Best regards,
R01 Registrar Customer Service Department
+7 495 783-3-783
Fax: +7 (495) 930-88-00
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Re: EvaPharmacy - Enough is enough

Postby Red Dwarf » Tue Sep 06, 2016 5:18 pm

Our predictable Russian contribution

* directshopa.su- Canadian Pharmacy -ARDIS-REG-FID
* directshopb.su- Canadian Pharmacy -ARDIS-REG-FID
* directshopc.su- Canadian Pharmacy -ARDIS-REG-FID
* directshopd.su- Canadian Pharmacy -ARDIS-REG-FID
* directshope.su- Canadian Pharmacy -ARDIS-REG-FID
* bestdrugsmarket.ruCanadian Health&Care MallR01-RU
* fastmedicareinc.ruCanadian Health&Care MallR01-RU
* fastremedymall.ruCanadian Health&Care MallR01-RU
* firstpharmvalue.ruCanadian Health&Care MallR01-RU
* globalpillgroup.ruCanadian Health&Care MallR01-RU
* herbalsafeeshop.ruCanadian Health&Care MallR01-RU
* homefastdeal.ruCanadian Health&Care MallR01-RU
* luckydrugeshop.ruCanadian Health&Care MallR01-RU
luckypillstrade.ruCanadian Health&Care MallR01-RU
* magicmedsinc.ruCanadian Health&Care MallR01-RU
* naturalsafetrade.ruCanadian Health&Care MallR01-RU
onlinepillvalue.ruCanadian Health&Care MallR01-RU
* privatedrugsshop.ruCanadian Health&Care MallR01-RU
purerxprogram.ruCanadian Health&Care MallR01-RU
* safesafesupply.ruCanadian Health&Care MallR01-RU
* securesafetrade.ruCanadian Health&Care MallR01-RU
* securesmarttrade.ruCanadian Health&Care MallR01-RU
yourfirstinc.ruCanadian Health&Care MallR01-RU
* yourmedsmarket.ruCanadian Health&Care MallR01-RU
yourprivateeshop.ruCanadian Health&Care MallR01-RU
* yourtrustedmart.ruCanadian Health&Care MallR01-RU
* magicaidsupply.ruCanadian Neighbor PharmacyR01-RU
* myherbsbargain.ruCanadian Neighbor PharmacyR01-RU
* newherbmart.ruCanadian Neighbor PharmacyR01-RU
* securepharmeshop.ruCanadian Neighbor PharmacyR01-RU
* firstmedicalsale.ruCanadianPharmacyR01-RU
* healingsmartdeal.ruCanadianPharmacyR01-RU
youraidwebmart.ruMy Canadian PharmacyR01-RU
* toptargeta.su- Canadian Pharmacy -REGTIME-REG-FID
* toptargetb.su- Canadian Pharmacy -REGTIME-REG-FID
* toptargetc.su- Canadian Pharmacy -REGTIME-REG-FID
* toptargetd.su- Canadian Pharmacy -REGTIME-REG-FID
* toptargete.su- Canadian Pharmacy -REGTIME-REG-FID
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Re: EvaPharmacy - Enough is enough

Postby Red Dwarf » Tue Sep 13, 2016 3:30 am

Last week's Russian frauds

* goodtabletvalue.ruCanadian Health&Care MallR01-RU
* healingfasteshop.ruCanadian Health&Care MallR01-RU
* healingpillmarket.ruCanadian Health&Care MallR01-RU
* herbalmedspurchase.ruCanadian Health&Care MallR01-RU
* hotnaturalpurchase.ruCanadian Health&Care MallR01-RU
* gsplvixg.ruCanadian Neighbor PharmacyR01-RU
* herbalhealthdeal.ruMy Canadian PharmacyR01-RU
* hotcanadianvalue.ruMy Canadian PharmacyR01-RU
* hothealingbargain.ruMy Canadian PharmacyR01-RU
* homepharmsale.ruRxMedicationsR01-RU
* herbalmedsvalue.ruToronto DrugstoreR01-RU
* homeherbsinc.ruCanadian Family PharmacyR01-RU
* perfectsafeshop.ruCanadian Family PharmacyR01-RU
* bestherbdeal.ruCanadian Health&Care MallR01-RU
* besttabletmall.ruCanadian Health&Care MallR01-RU
* globalhotdeal.ruCanadian Health&Care MallR01-RU
* hottrustedgroup.ruCanadian Health&Care MallR01-RU
* luckypharmdeal.ruCanadian Health&Care MallR01-RU
* myglobalpurchase.ruCanadian Health&Care MallR01-RU
* mymedicalstore.ruCanadian Health&Care MallR01-RU
naturalcaregroup.ruCanadian Health&Care MallR01-RU
* organicdrugssale.ruCanadian Health&Care MallR01-RU
* safetabsquality.ruCanadian Health&Care MallR01-RU
* securepillassist.ruCanadian Health&Care MallR01-RU
* thedrugscompany.ruCanadian Health&Care MallR01-RU
* bestkdirect.su- Canadian Pharmacy -REGTIME-REG-FID
* bestldirect.su- Canadian Pharmacy -REGTIME-REG-FID
* bestmdirect.su- Canadian Pharmacy -REGTIME-REG-FID
* bestodirect.su- Canadian Pharmacy -REGTIME-REG-FID
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Re: EvaPharmacy - Enough is enough

Postby Red Dwarf » Sat Sep 17, 2016 7:28 pm

And a little trickle more
All suspended by the registrar

* mypowerpack.netCanadian Family PharmacyR01-RU
* zonnyawilli.ruCanadian Health&Care MallR01-RU
* yelenachrysa.ruMy Canadian PharmacyR01-RU
* yvonnecarlina.ruRxExpressOnlineR01-RU
* zorinahoney.ruRxExpressOnlineR01-RU
* zorineaidan.ruRxExpressOnlineR01-RU
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Re: EvaPharmacy - Enough is enough

Postby Red Dwarf » Mon Sep 19, 2016 2:41 am

More Russian fraud
* domains highlighted in red have been taken down by the registrar

* targetwebc.su- Canadian Pharmacy -ARDIS-REG-FID
* targetwebd.su- Canadian Pharmacy -ARDIS-REG-FID
* targetwebe.su- Canadian Pharmacy -ARDIS-REG-FID
* targetwebf.su- Canadian Pharmacy -ARDIS-REG-FID
* targetwebg.su- Canadian Pharmacy -ARDIS-REG-FID
* bestmedicaltrade.ruCanadian Family PharmacyR01-RU
* mypillservice.ruCanadian Family PharmacyR01-RU
* conchitaclaude.ruCanadian Health&Care MallR01-RU
* fastcareservice.ruCanadian Health&Care MallR01-RU
* goodorganicstore.ruCanadian Health&Care MallR01-RU
hotcuringoutlet.ruCanadian Health&Care MallR01-RU
magicfirstmart.ruCanadian Health&Care MallR01-RU
* onlinepharmstore.ruCanadian Health&Care MallR01-RU
* puremedsshop.ruCanadian Health&Care MallR01-RU
* remedialhotservices.ruCanadian Health&Care MallR01-RU
* axhhzsmu.ruCanadian Neighbor PharmacyR01-RU
* bghutwba.ruCanadian Neighbor PharmacyR01-RU
* drzrxfor.ruCanadian Neighbor PharmacyR01-RU
* ghjtxbzv.ruCanadian Neighbor PharmacyR01-RU
* ionfxpjn.ruCanadian Neighbor PharmacyR01-RU
* iqqjwfoz.ruCanadian Neighbor PharmacyR01-RU
* irbrblml.ruCanadian Neighbor PharmacyR01-RU
lhkrbwps.ruCanadian Neighbor PharmacyR01-RU
srmezqjq.ruCanadian Neighbor PharmacyR01-RU
* viqsiniw.ruCanadian Neighbor PharmacyR01-RU
* wgoaubla.ruCanadian Neighbor PharmacyR01-RU
* zyjjyocm.ruCanadian Neighbor PharmacyR01-RU
* pureherbeshop.ruCanadianPharmacyR01-RU
* smartpillsmall.ruMy Canadian PharmacyR01-RU
* smartprivatemart.ruMy Canadian PharmacyR01-RU
* themedicamentinc.ruMy Canadian PharmacyR01-RU
yourorganicmall.ruMy Canadian PharmacyR01-RU
* yourremedyreward.ruMy Canadian PharmacyR01-RU
* abagaildaniele.ruRxExpressOnlineR01-RU
* aggilibbey.ruRxExpressOnlineR01-RU
* agnolavirginia.ruRxExpressOnlineR01-RU
* aileneestel.ruRxExpressOnlineR01-RU
* aimiljessalin.ruRxExpressOnlineR01-RU
* alanaloria.ruRxExpressOnlineR01-RU
* albinanisse.ruRxExpressOnlineR01-RU
* alejandralaurette.ruRxExpressOnlineR01-RU
* alidavelvet.ruRxExpressOnlineR01-RU
* allyceeimile.ruRxExpressOnlineR01-RU
* amelaverna.ruRxExpressOnlineR01-RU
* amitymarne.ruRxExpressOnlineR01-RU
* andiedollelsa.ruRxExpressOnlineR01-RU
* annadianaenrichetta.ruRxExpressOnlineR01-RU
* annadianewindy.ruRxExpressOnlineR01-RU
* aubertaromona.ruRxExpressOnlineR01-RU
* aubretteadela.ruRxExpressOnlineR01-RU
* audriesalomi.ruRxExpressOnlineR01-RU
* aureliaestele.ruRxExpressOnlineR01-RU
* bonneealyssandi.ruRxExpressOnlineR01-RU
* daylejohnette.ruRxExpressOnlineR01-RU
* emlynnerica.ruRxExpressOnlineR01-RU
* ulrikaumekojoye.ruRxExpressOnlineR01-RU
* adoreeshandie.ruRxMedicationsR01-RU
maribethsteffi.ruCanadian Health&Care MallR01-RU
miquelabree.ruCanadian Health&Care MallR01-RU
maurinejenlilly.ruMy Canadian PharmacyR01-RU
* adalineirita.ruRxExpressOnlineR01-RU
* adelheidcassandre.ruRxExpressOnlineR01-RU
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Re: EvaPharmacy - Enough is enough

Postby Red Dwarf » Mon Sep 26, 2016 2:00 am

The Russian pharmafrauds

* 2rx-uk.suInternational Legal RXREGRU-REG-FID
* amitiematelda.ruCanadian Health&Care MallR01-RU
* bestdrugmarket.ruCanadian Health&Care MallR01-RU
* bestrxgroup.ruCanadian Health&Care MallR01-RU
* familyrxreward.ruCanadian Neighbor PharmacyR01-RU
* curingsafesale.ruCanadian Safe PharmacyR01-RU
* firstaidsupply.ruCanadianPharmacyR01-RU
* globalherbalbargain.ruCanadianPharmacyR01-RU
* halienatalie.ruCanadianPharmacyR01-RU
* hedviglari.ruCanadianPharmacyR01-RU
* phebenelle.ruCanadianPharmacyR01-RU
* phylispegeen.ruCanadianPharmacyR01-RU
* onlinepilltrade.ruMy Canadian PharmacyR01-RU
* saferxprogram.ruMy Canadian PharmacyR01-RU
* adelicelouella.ruRxExpressOnlineR01-RU
* andriettebrenna.ruRxExpressOnlineR01-RU
* hotpillmart.ruRxMedicationsR01-RU
* magicfamilytrade.ruRxMedicationsR01-RU
* newhotpurchase.ruRxMedicationsR01-RU
* purefirstsale.ruRxMedicationsR01-RU
* realorderb.su- Canadian Pharmacy -REGTIME-REG-FID
* realorderc.su- Canadian Pharmacy -REGTIME-REG-FID
* realorderd.su- Canadian Pharmacy -REGTIME-REG-FID
* realordere.su- Canadian Pharmacy -REGTIME-REG-FID
* realorderf.su- Canadian Pharmacy -REGTIME-REG-FID
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Re: EvaPharmacy - Enough is enough

Postby Red Dwarf » Mon Oct 10, 2016 9:25 pm

50 more fraud pharmacies from Russia

* firstrxsupply.ruCanadian Health&Care MallR01-RU
* luckydrugreward.ruCanadian Health&Care MallR01-RU
* safegenericsdeal.ruCanadian Health&Care MallR01-RU
* securepillmarket.ruCanadian Health&Care MallR01-RU
* smartpilldeal.ruCanadian Health&Care MallR01-RU
* theherbsservices.ruCanadian Health&Care MallR01-RU
* bnmbrzxq.ruCanadian Neighbor PharmacyR01-RU
* catwkjvu.ruCanadian Neighbor PharmacyR01-RU
* jqaxrgzu.ruCanadian Neighbor PharmacyR01-RU
* kqbidazn.ruCanadian Neighbor PharmacyR01-RU
* luckyherbmart.ruCanadian Neighbor PharmacyR01-RU
* lypbhtis.ruCanadian Neighbor PharmacyR01-RU
* ntkvcuxz.ruCanadian Neighbor PharmacyR01-RU
* ofijriem.ruCanadian Neighbor PharmacyR01-RU
* rhqscadr.ruCanadian Neighbor PharmacyR01-RU
* vishulbs.ruCanadian Neighbor PharmacyR01-RU
* vvverbcu.ruCanadian Neighbor PharmacyR01-RU
* xlqoetlu.ruCanadian Neighbor PharmacyR01-RU
* zyrqehpq.ruCanadian Neighbor PharmacyR01-RU
* amandaalexina.ruCanadianPharmacyR01-RU
* bernibabjonell.ruCanadianPharmacyR01-RU
* cariottaumeko.ruCanadianPharmacyR01-RU
* carlinawilona.ruCanadianPharmacyR01-RU
* devonnejasmine.ruCanadianPharmacyR01-RU
* dorianariadne.ruCanadianPharmacyR01-RU
* goodcuringinc.ruCanadianPharmacyR01-RU
* onlinecaregroup.ruCanadianPharmacyR01-RU
* curinghealthshop.ruMy Canadian PharmacyR01-RU
* familydrugassist.ruMy Canadian PharmacyR01-RU
* firstaideshop.ruMy Canadian PharmacyR01-RU
* goodglobaloutlet.ruMy Canadian PharmacyR01-RU
* homefastelement.ruMy Canadian PharmacyR01-RU
* homeremedymarket.ruMy Canadian PharmacyR01-RU
* hotpillseshop.ruMy Canadian PharmacyR01-RU
* myaidprogram.ruMy Canadian PharmacyR01-RU
* newfamilygroup.ruMy Canadian PharmacyR01-RU
* newwelnessmall.ruMy Canadian PharmacyR01-RU
* securedrugsmall.ruMy Canadian PharmacyR01-RU
* theglobalsupply.ruMy Canadian PharmacyR01-RU
* thepillmarket.ruMy Canadian PharmacyR01-RU
* theremedialmart.ruMy Canadian PharmacyR01-RU
* yourrxmart.ruMy Canadian PharmacyR01-RU
* fastpillsbargain.ruRxMedicationsR01-RU
* organicsmartmart.ruRxMedicationsR01-RU
* magicaidbargain.ruToronto DrugstoreR01-RU
mycuringservice.ruToronto DrugstoreR01-RU
* mymedicalinc.ruToronto DrugstoreR01-RU
* goodremedyshop.ruCanadian Health&Care MallR01-RU
* bestmedicaleshop.ruMy Canadian PharmacyR01-RU
* gerriminni.ruRxMedicationsR01-RU
* topjreal.suCanadian PharmacyARDIS-REG-FID
* topkreal.suCanadian PharmacyARDIS-REG-FID
* toplreal.suCanadian PharmacyARDIS-REG-FID
* topmreal.suCanadian PharmacyARDIS-REG-FID
* topnreal.suCanadian PharmacyARDIS-REG-FID
* targetasale.su- Canadian Pharmacy -REGTIME-REG-FID
* targetbsale.su- Canadian Pharmacy -REGTIME-REG-FID
* targetcsale.su- Canadian Pharmacy -REGTIME-REG-FID
* targetdsale.su- Canadian Pharmacy -REGTIME-REG-FID
* targetesale.su- Canadian Pharmacy -REGTIME-REG-FID
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Re: EvaPharmacy - Enough is enough

Postby Red Dwarf » Tue Oct 25, 2016 12:54 am

Russia continues to sponsor fake pharmacies

* bestprivatedeal.ruCanadian Health&Care MallR01-RU
* genericbestsale.ruCanadian Health&Care MallR01-RU
* homefastpurchase.ruCanadian Health&Care MallR01-RU
* luckyrxstore.ruCanadian Health&Care MallR01-RU
* newremedyreward.ruCanadian Health&Care MallR01-RU
* perfectsafevalue.ruCanadian Health&Care MallR01-RU
* privatecaredeal.ruCanadian Health&Care MallR01-RU
* pureherbpurchase.ruCanadian Health&Care MallR01-RU
* smartcareservice.ruCanadian Health&Care MallR01-RU
thefastreward.ruCanadian Health&Care MallR01-RU
* goodfastwebmart.ruCanadian Neighbor PharmacyR01-RU
* purepharmgroup.ruCanadian Neighbor PharmacyR01-RU
* familymedsgroup.ruCanadianPharmacyR01-RU
* familydrugsmall.ruMy Canadian PharmacyR01-RU
* firstglobalshop.ruMy Canadian PharmacyR01-RU
* goodsmarttrade.ruMy Canadian PharmacyR01-RU
* safepharmwebmart.ruMy Canadian PharmacyR01-RU
* firstremedygroup.ruRxMedicationsR01-RU
* homefastmall.ruRxMedicationsR01-RU
* hotglobaloutlet.ruRxMedicationsR01-RU
* perfectpillsmall.ruRxMedicationsR01-RU
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Re: EvaPharmacy - Enough is enough

Postby Red Dwarf » Fri Oct 28, 2016 4:16 pm

Sponsored by bullet-proof Russian registrars

* bestcarewebmart.ruCanadian Health&Care MallR01-RU
* bestfirstassist.ruCanadian Health&Care MallR01-RU
* medicalrxoutlet.ruCanadian Health&Care MallR01-RU
* yoursafemall.ruCanadian Health&Care MallR01-RU
* curingaidwebmart.ruCanadianPharmacyR01-RU
* curingbestmarket.ruCanadianPharmacyR01-RU
* familysafemall.ruCanadianPharmacyR01-RU
* safecanadiandeal.ruCanadianPharmacyR01-RU
* safefastreward.ruCanadianPharmacyR01-RU
* thesmartinc.ruCanadianPharmacyR01-RU
* fastcareoutlet.ruMy Canadian PharmacyR01-RU
* genericsmartshop.ruMy Canadian PharmacyR01-RU
* goodsafeelement.ruMy Canadian PharmacyR01-RU
* herbalfastoutlet.ruMy Canadian PharmacyR01-RU
* herbalhotassist.ruMy Canadian PharmacyR01-RU
* hotpharmmarket.ruMy Canadian PharmacyR01-RU
pureherbalsupply.ruMy Canadian PharmacyR01-RU
* puretabsmarket.ruMy Canadian PharmacyR01-RU
* safeherbalmarket.ruMy Canadian PharmacyR01-RU
* safetableteshop.ruMy Canadian PharmacyR01-RU
* thefirstmart.ruMy Canadian PharmacyR01-RU
* thepillsinc.ruRxExpressOnlineR01-RU
* onlinemedsstore.ruRxMedicationsR01-RU
* fastherbsmarket.ruRxMedicationsR01-RU
* firstcuringvalue.ruRxMedicationsR01-RU
* hotherbsdeal.ruRxMedicationsR01-RU
* hotprivatemart.ruRxMedicationsR01-RU
* hotsecuretrade.ruRxMedicationsR01-RU
* luckysecurestore.ruRxMedicationsR01-RU
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Re: EvaPharmacy - Enough is enough

Postby Red Dwarf » Mon Nov 07, 2016 6:17 am

Early November, Russian sponsored fraud

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