Someone help me please!

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Spammers should not profit, so post information here that hits their pockets.

Someone help me please!

Postby noonelikesspammers » Thu Oct 08, 2015 2:04 pm

Im really afraid.
Im getting email bombed with things like Best Online Pharm Store and a link to, i got a whatsapp message from a chinese number offering womens clothes for -50% off, and im getting added by facebook accounts who i dont have mutual friends with, from colorado, spain, mexico, usa and so on.
Can someone please tell me how to stop that insanity?
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Re: Someone help me please!

Postby AlphaCentauri » Fri Oct 09, 2015 8:44 pm

If you respond to them, you will get more spam. Even if they can't sell you anything, they can still make money selling your contact info at a premium price to other spammers, once you confirm your information is valid by clicking a link or requesting an unsubscribe.

If you choose to fight back like us, you're going to get more spam, not less. We're not doing it for our own benefit. But we've learned that the people that insist on sending unwanted spam in violation of various countries' laws are the same people that commit many other more serious internet crimes. The guy spamming you for illegal pharma websites isn't doing it from a computer that can be traced to him. He's using computers infected with malicious software that allows them to be controlled by criminals for profit. It might be your own mom's computer. It might be sending spam for Viagra one hour, participating in a denial of service attack to extort money from a business the next hour, stealing money from a charitable organization's bank account the next hour, and hosting someone's child porn collection on the side. One of the best known spammers is currently in prison in Russia for luring mentally handicapped orphans to his office and raping them.

It's up to you whether you want to be one of the ones who choose to fight them actively.
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Re: Someone help me please!

Postby Red Dwarf » Sat Oct 10, 2015 3:20 pm

If you would like to see more information on the spammed pharmacy site ...

You can find that particular pharmacy fraud listed back in September at

The fraud is described at

The web site's domain name is sponsored and protected by the registrar R01.RU who, unlike most other registrars in other countries, refuse to suspend domain names when requested. Read more at
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